141-221 Boulevard Macdonald
Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 2014

Director of publication : Mathieu Mercuriali, architecte, Chercheur, Doctorant FNRS, Laboratoire d’Architecture et de Mobilité Urbaine, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Commissaire scientifique invité


At the same time as the arrival of the first occupiers of 141-221 boulevard MacDonald, this book redraws the history of the warehouse MacDonald and analyzes in detail the conversion of this building in the exceptional size and in the metropolitan stakes.
Its scale and its complexity make of this exemplary project a unique reference in Europe.
To define its specificities and originality, The architect Mathieu Mercuriali explores the fundamental notions of the architecture questioned by this building XXL, illustrates its problems with regard to international examples and tells process of gestation both the architectural, urban level and the technique. With the contributions of the main actors of the project, the unpublished photo reports of the work in progress, the historic documents, the diagrams and the plans of analysis, this work plunges the reader at the heart of the manufacturing of this new city piece

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