This project focuses on villages and hamlets in the Vanoi Valley: Caoria, Canal San Bovo, Ronco and attempts to express a relationship to the Alpine living environment, to the Mountain and beyond, a relationship to the World.

I first observed the edges, the outskirts, the margins of these villages and hamlets which led me to dis- cover pleasure gardens and vegetable production. They provide information on the way of living, the personality of the inhabitants, and a unique way of appropriating a territory. Nature gently weaves the link between these domestic, intimate spaces and the great Alpine territory.

Exploring the margins also confronted me with a form of familiarity with certain spaces that I pho- tographed on the outskirts of cities (La fabrique du pré), spaces where a deep sense of freedom ex- presses, in resistance to standardized lifestyles.

At different scales, from very small to huge, the image and symbolism of the garden are articulated. The delicate care for the living expresses a plea for respect for the other and for the living.

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