How to appropriate space ?

Extract from Reports, archives, concepts
Dominique Baqué, Artpress 421, avril 2015


Twice: le lyrisme paysager de Cyrille Weiner

Le temps, Chambre avec vue
Matthieu Gafsou
Avril 2015


La mise en scène est avant tout mentale

Propos recueillis par Amaury da Cunha,
La République de la Photographie, avril 2013


Les translations paysagistes de Cyrille Weiner

Fanny Lambert, The Eye of photography,
mars 2015

The way Cyrille Weiner experiments with the landscape has no precedent. Once the modern conventions of documentary and iconography are put aside, these “landscape moments” are forged by wandering and reconciliation.

Experimentation is central to Weiner’s approach. Formal experimentation primarily, because it is transgressive and adaptable, but also environmental in the way it seeks to reconcile nature and culture by endowing the former with a humanity that was believed to have disappeared. Here, the city and nature rally behind a common cause. “The margin of one is in some ways the margin of the other,” says Weiner. His photographs seem to have rediscovered the path of time in the no man’s land that Weiner has traversed in an act of “mental nomadism,” finding continuity in the attempts to place the photographic object into space, which the exhibition Twice, currently on display at the Galerie Laurent Muelle, aims to embody.

Weiner develops transgressive photographic processes, as in the installation he co-created with designer Grégory Lacoua. In the interest of letting the images move freely, they concocted a room that serves as both medium and expression. The transparency of three glass plates onto which the same image has been printed three times adds to the desinence of the image. The wooden base allows for the juxtaposition through a system of rails which keep the plates upright. The light projected from the back of the room illuminates the whole with astonishing fluorescence. The image is no longer a projection. It is its own projection.

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foam magazine #24 talent

Interview by Marc Feustel, foam #24, Talent,
September 2010

Séminaire photographique de Michel Poivert

Jeu de Paume

Cyrille Weiner, révélateur d’atmosphère

Karine Guilbert, décembre 2016

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Les terrains de jeu de Weiner et Bouchain

Matthieu Oui, AMC


Cultiver la ville

Par Patrick Bouchain
juillet 2012


Libre de faire

Musée de l’Élysée Lausanne


La vignette d’Aude Lavigne

france culture


Cyrille Weiner, passeur de rivages

Brigitte Ollier, Libération, novembre 2009


Luxs, le sens du regard

Entretien avec Jean Larnaudie pour la revue Plan Libre, n°96,
novembre 2011


Representing architecture

Conversation between Cyrille Weiner, et Gaël Nys, graphic designer co-founder of RSI Studio (Paris).

By Laure Becdelièvre


Les rencontres photographiques : Photographie et territoire

Guests : Cyrille Weiner, Eric Tabuchi and Jean Christophe Béchet. January 2017


Michel Griscelli, avril 2011


Le ban des utopies

Marguerite Pilven, février 2011